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Abelo de Jesus

Portugal Director

Twice European Kickboxing Champion at the Black Belts University
Federation, Headquarters in Malaga Spain.
Has a decorated history in Boxing, three times National and Portuguese Cup Champion.

World Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

24th classified Tournament in Qudad Real, Spain; Gold.

European Qualifications in Hallesaale, Germany; Bronze.
Troneio Boxam in Santarder, Spain; Silver.
European Championship in Minsk, Belarus; Bronze.
Troneo in Ahmet Comert, Türkiye; Bronze.
Asian Tournament in Macau, China: Gold.

Boxam Championship in Ciudade Real, Spain; Gold.

Participated in the Game Without Borders in Pais de Gálos, England. Was part of the under 16 swimming team in South Africa. Also cycled
at the Ginásio Clube de Tavia with the proposal to go and run
professionally in Marcella, France.

As a coach, achieved 1 World and 1 European title, as well as several national and regional titles. Currently has a partnership with a team from Germany, running Bootcamps for amateur and professional athletes.
Offers workshops, internships for various sports aspects

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