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Colin S Wood

"Together We Can Do More"

The Founder & CEO of the WABC

After participating, competing and training in two sports he is passionate about Colin founded the World Adaptive Boxing Council to make a difference in the world of sport, exercise and athletics.

Colin has always possessed a heartfelt passion for boxing and rugby,

Having trained in boxing and played as a semi-professional Rugby League Player to then train other players as a coach in both sports for a majority of his career, he has always wanted to help inspire the best in people.

Almost two decades ago he was diagnosed with Uveitis; after discovering that he was about to lose his sight completely he started to face new challenges within the sports he loves, he felt more motivated to increase people's wider understanding of disabilities in sport and to enable public bodies or companies to become more inclusive and innovative. Colin decided to create the WABC to establish new ideas and services for adaptive sport with the hopes of creating a professional, accepting and open-minded athletic environment.

He has planned and managed events to showcase and promote wheelchair or adaptive boxing. Having presented his own boxing wheelchair designs and exceptional adaptive athlete talent alongside events such as the SAS vs US Marines at York Hall and various other promotions in the UK.

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